May 17-18, 2023
Brisbane, Australia

STEM Experience and Workshop

The STEM Experience and Workshop is an experience that will allow students from the Aerospace Gateway to Industry Schools Program (AGISP) the opportunity to network with the MRO industry and allow for knowledge and information to be shared about potential careers within the aerospace sector.  The hands-on experiences are a unique way for industry to connect with these aspiring students and allow them to experience first-hand what an MRO career would be like.  

The program will see up to 20 students and aerospace teachers:

  • Attend MRO Australasia, rubbing shoulders with industry champions who are keen to inspire the next generation
  • Tour Pacific Turbine Brisbane’s specialised engine workshop and test cell, located near the Brisbane Airport
  • “Get their hands dirty” with the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Cool Aeronautics Gas Turbine Workshop, which will see the students put together 3D printed model turbine engines and learn about aircraft propulsion and jet engine systems.
  • Airbus Australia Pacific to conduct a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (collectively referred to as “Mixed Reality”) experience including AI/VR goggles for a “hands on” demonstration experience

With teachers required to escort their interested students on the day, there is the opportunity for them to obtain industry professional development.  The teachers are able to interact with industry, build on relationships, create new ones, and have their own hands-on experience with the workshops and tours.   This day will provide teachers with valuable knowledge about careers in maintenance, repair and overhaul within the aviation sector.

To find out more about the program please contact [email protected]